Saturday, May 2, 2009

March 28, 2009 ~ A Civil War Spring Ball


My skirt is as ready as it's going to get. I wear it, held together with pins.


My bodice, though I really put in a terrific effort, remains, to this day, affixed to the duct tape replica we made of my own torso.


I really learned a lot from this sewing adventure. I can't wait to learn more. But I went to the ball with only my skirts and a matching-in-color sweater top. Had great fun even so!

Here are some scenes from the beautiful evening we had ~ ~ ~




At the beginning of all this talk about a Ball, Michael, along with most of his friends, was not at all excited about it. The thought of dressing up, actually dancing with girls, and all the hoopla did not appeal to them at all.

By the time the ball was through, these young men were leading the girls with great chivalry, thoroughly enjoying the dancing, strutting about in their attire, and looking forward ot the next ball we are planning.

Michael was dubbed a good dancer and, indeed, it was my own son who taught me to waltz. A very fine, handsome, and wonderful young man.

I would love for everyone to participate in something like this. :)

It was a REALLY good time.



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