Saturday, May 2, 2009

March 27, 2009 ~ One day Left!


Another marathon day, this time at the home of one of our dear friends. The next day was to be the ball and all I had to wear was a hoop skirt and corset! Not good!

With MUCH help from ladies who were swamped with sewing to do themselves, I got an underskirt done, here shown with us sharing a lot of fun and laughter. I look like a Titan. LOL

Here's a picture showing the accidental tiering of color on my hoop skirt. I simply ran out of one of the thrift store sheets and had to go scrounge another in the middle of our sewing meeting. It came out rather nicely, for someone who doesn't sew and hunted the home repair aisles for hoop material, doesn't it?

Here I am in my corset, getting my hoop, under, and over skirts together to pull some scallops up. A really easy thing to do!

Three ball gowns and unfinished chaos...

Just how possible is it for a non-sewer to fabricate a bodice in one day without a pattern?

Not very. LOL



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