Saturday, May 2, 2009

March 19, 2009 ~ Seeds and Chicks


We were kept pretty busy in our makeshift greenhouse, that is our kitchen for a few weeks. We had a huge bag of potting soil and Michael and I worked as a team, getting as many peat pots planted as possible.


We planted seeds for the future garden, as well as flats of cut and come again lettuces that we could harvest several times through the spring.


Here was our hatching progress...


Sadly, the short term higher temperature had taken a toll on the embryos after all. Two were born so badly deformed that we had to destroy them. Two more just were not really healthy and subsequently died. The incubator was cleaned, sterilized and put back in the studio loft for next time, when we will find a way to better regulate the internal temperature.

When the seeds sprouted, we tried to take them outside as much as possible so they would not get leggy.


All seemed well with the world, but Murphy was stalking us. LOL Things began to go wrong, which led Michael and I into some frustrating days we had to learn to let go of, once again.

Peat and repeat (pots, that is) kept us quite busy!



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