Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Stuff


Some things that were my grandmother's.

Circa 1970s

Circa..... ?

The containers are metal.

Now you get to see the tops. I'm not going to clean the dust off of them. That could very well be the dust my grandmother swept off her porch while drinking her tree-ripened lemonade on a beautiful sunny June morning! That, and the fact that I tried cleaning the dust off once before and it didn't work. I was afraid to scrub to the point of damaging them.

And her old bread box.

Air vents in the back as I lift the hinged lid.

I keep my cookie cutters in there.

Wishing I had better photos up there. Those are about 10 years old.

Someone is watching Mythbusters, who are testing to see if you can escape the state pen with antacids.

You never know when that is going to be a necessary bit of knowledge.



I Miss Two Things At This Moment.


Time to do this, and mild enough weather to do this.

This was taken in January of 2007. Michael and I were focusing on sports that home school year. We played tennis, every sort of _______ball you could think of, swimming, skating, and pretty much everything.

I'm so grateful for that last year before my DH left us. It was a fantastic year for Michael, to be able to experience those things before we no longer were able to do so.

My folks even came a long a couple of times, and that made it extra special.

But four years later...

We are hibernating as much as our garden beds!

Not a lot to blog about beyond that. I've been working really hard on learning computer things. I am reminded at just how near to being brain dead I am. Michael has been working on school and is the brains of the family.

I'm getting really good at driving on ice. That will be helpful in the coming ice age, um brought on by global warming?

Life is good
and cold.

From the woolly mammoth den,



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Photo Montage


For 2011, I've decided to look at the world in a whole new way.

Maybe not. I can see the plates go flying on the way to the dining room.

On Shabbat the sunlight hit the greenery we have still not put away, intensifying the colors. The lovely golden hue that was there was lost however.

Michael, testing and finding the roads still providing the perfect skating medium for shoes. Not so good, though, for driving to rehearsals and office cleanings. We went anyhow, very carefully, but there were many wrecks all over town, including in front of us.

I had dug up our pepper plants to save for next year. They lost all their leaves, but had grown lots of new ones. We took them out on days above freezing, and brought them in before frost hit. Until one night we got home too late. I'm hoping they'll come back.


The horses were shivering, poor things.

A snow angel from the day before.

Photographing used children's clothing for ebay is using up a lot of my time. I can see this is a poor return on my time, but I am grateful for any income at this point. Now, if I can just figure out how to get them up and selling.

Michael is still getting used to the fact that these are indeed, man shoes.

And yesterday, after foraging food for the horses from where ever we could scavenge it from, making snow angels, and having a snowball fight. We did a little outdoor work, planting grass seed.

I'm told that during snow is the best time to broadcast seed. You can not only see where and how much you've strewn, but as the snow melts, it pulls the seeds into solid contact with earth, and next spring it should do very well. This is Kentucky 31 blend, only good for the sunny side of the house.

I hope this old seed is still viable. We've tried to thicken up this grass for years, and it doesn't like to grow. I'm thinking something tall, thick and lush would be mighty fine. Except for mowing. OK, a modification; thick, lush and green. And bad bug repellent. And....


Realistically, the days are getting longer. And we have passed the official date where the northern hemisphere begins to gradually warm up its average temperature. Hold on, any faint of heart, we are on the upswing!

There's no place like Figi. There's no place like Fiji. There's no place like Fiji.