Friday, September 19, 2008

Low Country Shrimping and Crabbing


It was an amazing week! These four peds signify a sisterhood forged over the internet. The two bigger ones are mine, and the dainty ones belong to Keri, my dear friend whom I'd never met face to face until this week.

Keri, her husband, and their three children welcomed us with open arms, even paying for our gas to come and stay with them. Keri and I spent the first two days working on putting down on paper the agreement my husband and I had come to over the phone, then we spent the next few days just enjoying each other and the family, there near the Atlantic Ocean.

I will tell you up front that after putting in two weeks and incalcuable stress, not to mention hundreds of dollars, my husband emailed me afterwards and said he was changing his mind. He was no longer going to let us stay living there, he was going to force me to go to work, put our son in school, and he had no intention of supporting me beyond 3 years, despite the fact that I've been off the job market since I was 20 and have no ability to support us. LOL

So all that work, time and money was wasted, but the trip was a blessing.

The boys all went shrimping and crabbing several times. And we cooked them all. I learned hot to make crab cakes. How come I am the only one whose mouth ends up cut when eating them?

Here are a few of the shrimp. Apparently you behead them while alive. I'm glad that job was not mine!


The crabs...


Then putting into a pot of boiling water, setting them onto the deck for a cooling spray from the hose. The kids quickly got to work getting the meat off so we could enjoy dinner.