Monday, July 20, 2009

Still Here!


Yes, having computer issues. I am working on getting more RAM so I can get back to sharing things around here.

I know what to do now, just need to find a good deal and buy it. :)

I'll hit some highlights...

Our competition pumpkin is a good foot across and still growing. I wonder how big it could have gotten if we'd given it any special care? As it is, we only plucked off competing blossoms so that only one would get all the nutrients.

The garden is high and thick! One ripe tomato so far. There should be a lot, but they are not quite ready - yet.

We have harvested all our broccoli, cauliflower, piricicaba, and kohlrabi. Still waiting for the brussel sprouts.

Eggplants are succeeding! After much battling with the flea beatles, we've managed to sneak a few past them. Yay! We have some peppers, too.

Oh, and it finally occurred to us to put a few chickens into the garden. They stayed in there for a few days and cut way down on the bug population. Need to do that more often. ;)

We got 2.5 inches of rain in one day a couple of weeks ago. It washed away a lot of our little seedling herbs.

We have been getting steady rainfall all summer, so the grass is thick and lush. For the most part the weather has been pretty mild. The last few days have been right about 80 degrees. Amazing weather. I'm spoiled!

I find it very boring to post without pictures; the big reason I have not been posting much. So I hope to have this rectified soon! Don't leave me now. ;)