Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking Back


I am still trying to do catch up on my blog for the last six months. This was due to nearly having my finger chopped completely off around Halloween by a skill saw. How apropos. (That's the first time I've ever spelled that, and it looks funny!) I kept taking pictures, even if not posting.

To post them now, I go back to my saved photos, pull out the ones that showed some of what we were doing, then quickly try to write about it. It being April, we are extremely busy right now with spring planting and getting the farm organized in all its yearly enthusiasm.

I found that I've hit a spot in my photo record where not a lot was going on. I now remember that it was when I got word from my DH that he was no longer going to be sending any money and, as usual, it was all my fault.

Needless to say, a mad scramble came into play to try to find a way to support Michael and I. God provided many small jobs suddenly for us, whether housecleaning, or planting things, we also got a once a week window washing job.

Our church came and supported us greatly. When my car needed repairs, they took care of it. When we needed food, they took care of it. When I had no money for utilities, they took care of it.

But we were very busy just trying to find ways to earn money. I didn't take a lot of pictures then, nor were we doing a lot around the home or farm. So the last few posts have been sparse, and the next few entries will not have too much going on... And now you know why. :)

Somehow, my Heavenly Father always cares for me,



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