Thursday, April 30, 2009

March 13, 2009 ~ Chicks Are Pipping


Our seed order came in and Michael and I went to work planting them ahead of time in the kitchen/greenhouse. These are great little mini-greenhouses we found at a home improvement store.


Another thing we did in February was decide to increase our small chicken flock. We used to have a very large flock, but the neighbor, who seemed to be going through some marital difficulties, apparently chose to take out his aggressions on my wandering birds. The fact that his birds also wandered was somehow overlooked. Then with things going ever downhill on my own home front, what was left, I gave away.

This time around I went with more standoffish birds than those wonderful Buff Orpingtons that are so friendly. I bought some mixed breed multi-purpose chicks from my friend's boy last year. We get almost 3 eggs a day from our 3 hen + one rooster occupants of the chicken yard, but with an uncertain income and food availability, we expanded our enterprise.

Here are the 12 eggs we put in the incubator in hopes of getting a half dozen pullets, or hens, from them. On this day, the first ones are pipping. This is a great relief to me, as the inexpensive incubator does not have the best thermostat. One day, with unseasonably warm weather in February, I opened all the windows and it got a little warmer in the house due to our own thermostat being turned so far down.


Well the thermostat in the incubator did not reduce the heat element output and before I stopped to check, the temperature was about 8 degrees too high, and I had no idea how many hours it had been that way.

Building a special box for the incubator next time,



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