Saturday, May 2, 2009

March 20, 2009 ~ An Unexpected Trip.


One of the things we were going to try to do was have a weekly booth at the local Farmer's Market. We planted many more flats than we needed for only ourselves and, with great expectation, began planning our booth to be attractive and efficient.

Michael and I came home from the home improvement center to find that our cat, Mikka, decided to attempt to use a salad greens flat for her litter box. With such hard work going into it, it was tough to take.

That night, a friend of ours with a greenhouse she had not filled yet offered to babysit our flats for us until she needed the space. Gratefully, we accepted and took allot of them over there. We kept the salad green trays, however.


It was a pretty morning, just a day before spring arrived,



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