Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not Sure About the Pink.


Thanks so much for all your input. You have such great ideas and suggestions! This is the last post on these pics. I'm getting sick of them myself. However - I just picked up the pitcher this morning and said,

"Man! I really want to KEEP these now!"

Somebody slap me!

I found a neat tutorial - don't you just love YouTube for that?

Having got all these photos done and actually entering these into ETSY for sale, now I'm not sure about the fuchsia I added to the borders.

I was pulling in the color of the flowers as well as the brass, but I wonder if I should have just stuck with the simple, classic black.

That's me, I will obsess about whether I've ended the world over a simple little thing like that.

I'm going to also post these on eBay if I can figure that out. I had a suggestion from a sweetheart friend of mine to bump up the price so I decided to try it out, and if it doesn't sell, bring it back down. So my beginning seed money selling price is $44.00. Exciting stuff for a newbie such as I!

It's the shipping that sets my knees to knocking. That, or missing being notified that someone wants it. Learning curves are always unsettling for me at first, so I will figure it out as I go along.

EDIT - I keep forgetting that all my pics get cut off on the right side, so they sort of lose something in the posting.

I really need to can tomatoes and work today, but I am going to set it aside and celebrate Shabbat. The work can wait til Sunday. :)



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sales Pics.


Isn't that something, that I didn't notice the pitcher was crooked until I came up and uploaded the pics? :-/

Enough detail, or more, to show the etching?
I'm guessing the more pics you have, the better sales are.

The vases are not identical, but unique and complimentary in their oxidation and etching. I love the patina and the two-toned brass.

You have no idea what it took to get these pics. LOL

Well, I just spent some time on ETSY. I found out that they crop all pics to squares, so I have to redo all the shots. Tomorrow.


Next Adventure - Help Me Pack?


This is something I have always wanted to try, ever since I was a teenager. This week, due to my husband being in violation of court orders and choosing to ignore the required alimony and child support, I decided it might be a good time to go for it. Hmmmmmm... abject poverty or mighty empire..... decisions, decisions....

I have always wanted to purchase one small item that I could turn around and sell, either with or without labor, and make a little more, use that money to buy a more expensive item, then repeat that process continually until I have enough money to have something usable.

Yesterday, I left the house early for a dental appointment that I could no longer put off, as the pain was getting too bad. And who wants to go through life with visible holes in their mouth, you know?

Well, it turns out I had the time wrong. I was not to be there at 1 pm, my appointment was at 4 pm! Ack! A half day we could have spent getting things done here at home! Why do these things happen? Why indeed...?

What to do? Can't run back and forth to town all day long. So we used the time to window shop in some places I'd not been in for a long time. We finally ended up at the thrift store and I found these items separately. When I sat them all next to each other, the old idea popped into my head.

These are solid brass, made in India, and all together they cost me $6.00. I think I can sell them for more than that as a set.

I would love input on this. I have tremendous ideas all the time, but I often think that my ideas are not usually what appeal to others. If you can think of anything for me, put it in a comment below. I am wondering about a price. Does $35.00 seem good?

I am also wondering about the photos I just now took, very quickly. I know presentation is key, so I want to photograph them well. I am wondering about actually creating an entire deco scene around them, maybe flowers or something, but I am sort of drawn to the simplicity of the mantle shot.

My creative juices are flowing now. I am seeing these in an outdoor, rock setting with some flowing water... I have the rocks, and Michael could stand out of view with a pitcher... could work! :-)

Opinions, opinions! I know you have great ones. I would love them, both from an artistic sense and a common sense from consumer points of view.

I am considering opening another blog, just for this particular adventure. Seeing how far this idea goes. I want to find out if this is something the Lord will make happen, or just another of Faith's funny ideas.

Bring it on!



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Because We All Need to Laugh


I find this not only funny, but amazing that God put this gift of laughter inside humanity. As you watch, can you not just sit in wonder at the fact that odd input causes convulsions and pleasure, and that it spreads? LOL


Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Civil War Ball Workshop


Our homeschool group brought in some experts on Civil War reenactment dances to fine tune our dancing and etiquette at our balls. The workshop consisted of class from 9 to noon, then time to eat and dress, returning at 3 for a practice ball.

It was very warm, a sunny Saturday, and the ambiance of the gymnasium was not quite as lovely as it was at our Spring Ball which was held at a Country Club, but we did learn new dancing and were given a better idea of proper clothing than we'd had before.

Some people are SO camera shy.

And some are not.

Michael and Ashlee.

We saw some clothing examples. This is a man's cutaway coat. I can't wait to sew one for Michael.

Here are the Grand Marshalls, the couple who taught the workshop.

Many scenes form the practice ball.

This was so sweet. These little girls were just jabbering away, all excited about the ball, while the little boy was seeking adventure, stealthily spying through each curtain opening, and completely oblivious to the constant chatter behind him. Give him time...

A parade of gowns...

Michael and Daniel.





Michael and Ashlee; Waltzing and Virginia Reel