Saturday, May 2, 2009

April 2, 2009 ~ Back to Some Serious Work


Working toward the ball was great in a million ways. But once it was past and the full advancement of spring was upon us, we had a lot catching up to do here on the farm.

Lots of mowing to do.


We'd been trying to get 200 strawberry plants in for a week. But it had been so incredibly windy that laying down the barrier paper we'd had left over in the shed for years was impossible. On this day, we finally did it, but it took two tries. The wind managed to catch it when we were almost done burying the sides and we had to redo it. However, it was finally laid down and readied for planting.


We installed hose holders on the back porch. Our plastic hose bin had long since fallen apart and we'd taken to coiling the hose on the pool deck. It was always in the way.



Maybe not prettier, but much more efficient now!



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