Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kitchen Organization?


Yes, just as soon as I have time to finish!

We did the freezer outside.

And the canned goods cupboards.

And we started on the rest, although there is no photo of the badly-in-need-of-cataloguing spare bedroom which was taken hostage last year by filled canning jars and equipment....

But have been so busy with school that we haven't gotten any further.

I am adjusting to the fact that Michael's boots, which are now too small for him ---- Are too big for me. And I have big, size 10, feet!

I have been initiated into the world of eBay. I've probably put in a total of 40 hours and made about 10 bucks.

It gets better. I just know it does!

Got rid of this movie.

A lot of legal books...

An old joystick. And thanks to a special family who went out of their way to test if for us on their old computer.


And Michael, who seems to know things without being taught, took over installing our replacement ClearPlay set.

Ask me how your family can watch formerly unwatchable movies with this neat set up. We bought one about 5 years ago, but let our subscription run out. We are up and running again.

And Michael is really happy over this sitar case he was given to use as he pleased. He made it into a case for his airsoft gun.

The testing we are going to have done for Michael is the 1970 CAT. California Achievement Test. Its standards are higher than school standards for today, so we've been busy preparing for that. It's nice to have something different to do.

We are also taking a class together on the founding of the nation and, more specifically, the Constitution. They give these classes all over the place, and free; a 12 week, one night a week class with a little homework. So if you are interested, look up the IOTC, Institute On The Constitution, and sign up.

Enjoying snippets of spring-like weather,