Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is This What's Known As An Epic Pail - I mean Fail?


As I finally get back to this, I see that it's been too long - AGAIN.

Google is killing me.

I have to log out of everything I do in life to post here, then start all over again.  I logged into Blogger and watched all my labor that I had open disappear.   You might say, just log back in and open them all up again...

Ha.   I repeat, a  BIG, FAT, HA!!!!

It's not just 'out of sight, out of mind' but if something disappears from view where I can continually keep my mind fresh, it's like a black out in my brain cells.  My neurotransmitters fizzle, then burn up like a fuse that turns to ash right before the whole thing blows up.

Once, I prayed for amnesia...  You know what they say.

.... what do they say, anyhow?

Once, I prayed for amnesia... You know what they say.

.... oops.

We took a vacation we've been saving up for years, and boy, did we need it.

We spent a very quiet week on Hilton Head Island.   This is the sunrise.   This is what I look forward to the most.   Being down on the beach, in the water, watching the sun rise and standing in wonder, awe, and amazement at God's glory.

I say with some guilt that we wanted so much to visit with very dear friends while we were there, as well as having them come over for a day.   But when we got there, we just shut down.   We did not know just how exhausted we were until we laid aside our stress, tensions, to-do lists and just let go.   We spent the entire week pretty much without calling or texting anyone, but just hanging out together and swimming, boarding, biking, tennis, puzzling, reading, eating, sleeping, rocking, and all the other things you are supposed to do on a real vacation.

We did end up doing 15 miles on the beach one day.   My seat is STILL sore!

On another day we biked across island to the big touristy spot, but all we did was buy some cold drinks, sit on some chairs, and watch the yachts come and go in the harbour.   We did not even buy a souvenir.  

HOORAY for being BORING!

And now we are back home and we still often imagine the feeling of that water around us as we just relaxed and let the waves gently roll past.   Many wonderful memories.

I did find this very cute and light summer dress with scads of flowing skirts.  I wear it all the time at home.  I still feel like I'm in the tropics.

 So the skies have been magnificent lately; all blue and puffy.  Just like Spring loves to be.

I could not resist and expanded little garden in addition to the three tomatoes. It's doing very well.   Just some summer squash, bell peppers, and cucumbers.  I keep it small as we could be asked to leave at any moment, but it's just a little bitty one.

Here's to Spring's first tomatoes!