Saturday, May 2, 2009

March 25, 2009 ~ A Work in Progress


Here is evidence of my sewing adventures!


I had been working feverishly on a corset for some time. Only three days left until the Civil War Spring Ball, and Cinderella STILL had no dress.

On this day she was working on a hoop skirt. The reason being that on the Monday before the ball, when she was supposed to order one, her buyer's account with eBay proved to be unusable because of some sort of email difficulty.

Bibbity bobbity boo, she had to come up with her own hoop skirt. No hoops? No problem! Head to the home improvement center and find something that will bend into circles, be cheap, and not way a ton. Ala Ka-Zam! Plastic molding strips for .09 cents each that are cut into thirds and duct taped into ever-decreasing rings. Figure out how to hold them together with fabric and Wa-Lah! Sounds like fun until you remember, there is still no skirt or bodice to wear OVER it!

Good thing Cinderella had taken a week aside to get Prince Michael something fashioned to wear. With a 2 dollar vest from the thrift store, cut down to size, and some suspenders and a string tie from the same ancient, time-warp enveloped room from yesteryear, he was mostly outfitted.

What's a girl to do...



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