Saturday, November 21, 2009

A November Wedding


The bride is shy, so pics of the most beautiful woman will not be shown, but I can show you some of the fun we had today.

Here is Michael, escorting Ashlee to the reception at a lovely Inn in old town.

We were the happy participants in posh surroundings.

It was a balmy 63 degree day with lots of sun.

Sportin' Spiffies.

This is also where are going caroling before the Christmas ball.

It was a Catholic wedding, and the priest was from Ghana. What a beautiful accent he had!


Fluted glasses.

I played with the candles in cracked glass while visiting...

Even the bathrooms were gorgeous.

Yeah, I know. But I clean bathrooms for extra income.... They don't look like this. LOL

I loved how the light from the chandeliers played through the glass with which we toasted the bride and groom. (Kat, I'm thinking of you with my perfect grammar.)

so in love are we two
that we don't know what to do
so in love (so in love)
in a world of our own (so in love)
as we walk by the sea together
under stars twinkling high above
so in love are we two
no one else but me and you
so in love (so in love)
so much in love (so in love)
so in love (so in love)
so much in love (so in love)...

A little live music, specially performed for the newlyweds...

My guy...

Let the dancing begin! First the grownups tripped the light fantastic to a selection of disco numbers. They seemed to remember how to shake it quite well. But I did not get there quick enough to photograph them. When they were through, the younger generation took possession of the territory.

Something about dance floors and children...

Jeremy is sitting this one out, but he asked me to dance later.

We are spoiled by having our very own, experienced DJ, IN THE HOUSE! (Ok, I admit, I'm not so good at that.)

My favorite, well one of them anyway, part of the day was when the guys all lined up and danced to "My Girl" for the ladies. Each one of them stepped out and gave a solo dance during the song. Thanks, guys. We LOVED it!

I think they deserved this, don't you?

Taking a breather

While Michael and Kasie step out into a waltz, and a couple of little ones make a game of darting between them every chance they got.

The food was so good, I didn't notice the centerpieces when we were feasting.

Heading up to the rooftop.

I'm beginning to think these boys are in the running to outshine the girls...

Here are a few...

Michael entertained some of the younger ones with his hat.

Nice view from up here.

Michael and Josiah, a little break dancing...

Whoops. That floor doesn't have a lot of give to it...

Time to go...

And make sure Ashlee gets home safely....

A nearly perfect day...

Stopping to smell the roses...

The chariot awaits...

It was great. Somebody ought to get married at least once a month.



Friday, November 20, 2009

Randomness and the Inadvertent Charmer


Yesterday was supposed to be partly sunny and up to nearly 60 degrees.

It remained cloudy, in the low 50s, and mischievously sliced by a light, icy breeze.

And that's what made meeting a friend for a BBQ picnic at the local park just a bit on the nippy side. But it was great fun anyhow and it always makes you look forward even more to nice fires and hot chocolate.

The morning began with a donation from one of our hens; a double yolk egg. I always love these. It's like a surprise gift.

And this is Bob. He loves me.

I was almost done sewing leg trim on my pantaloons yesterday morning, when my machine began malfunctioning. Needles keep breaking and catching on something down below.

Well, the little old man at the sewing shop is such a kick. You can't leave there without buying something from the sweet guy. We all compared notes one day, and found that every single one of us had left the shop having purchased some of his 'very good quality German machine needles'.

He called someone in our group and left a 5 minute message on their machine. It is still there to this day.

What an inadvertent charmer.