Saturday, May 5, 2012


Getting exercise in the last year or so had been increasingly difficult.   I've become what I have always dreaded; a pc potato.

I work at a computer for most of the day.   This gives ample time for me to... become ample.

But today was a fabulous day.   Michael's plans fell through.  He was going to be gone with a friend at a park all day, hiking, running, playing sports, swimming, and whatever else two energetic young men can find to do.    Staying home was a bit of a let down for him.

Gladly this all worked out into my favor.   I had determined that while he was gone I was going to find ways to be active all day long, whether walking in the beautiful weather, doing some dancing, perhaps some exercise DVDs, etc.    But instead, I got to be active with my son.

We spent some time practicing Shitō-Ryū karate, did some calisthenics, then headed out to the barn loft for some working out up there, rope climbing, and clearing out more areas to hang the rings later on.  We've got to go find our power drill this week.   It's hard to find anything these days.  We and our stuff are like ships in the night, perpetually missing any contact.  I wish someone on that ship would cannon shoot some supplies over.  ---  A batch of freshly baked cookies to the first person who can find my checks AND give them to me.

I had a grand time walking for a couple of miles down our country road, while Michael ran circles around me in his newly acquired ACUs and hiking boots, his black A shirt, and him stopping every few minutes to roll out another set of pushups.

We met some colorful characters along the way.    Had some callouts from one house that I'd rather not have had.  Then we had an enjoyable conversation with some motorcyclists who were retracing a ride after having dropped and lost their keys somewhere in the last few hours.

By the time we got back we were really missing our old pool that we'd have jumped into and floated away our sweaty exhaustion from a grand Saturday oot and aboot, as our Canny friend would say.  But we enjoyed sitting on the front porch in the shade for a while to cool off.

Nice view from the rocking chairs. 


Now we are done playing some games and eating dinner and both of us looking forward to a good night's sleep.I am gonna be sore tomorrow!

Grateful for achy happiness,



Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Know You Need Rest When...


1.  On the way to take your man-child to Man Class, you have pillows in the back seat so you can steal a nap in a parking lot somewhere...


2.  The policewoman who pulls you over for speeding over roads on which everyone is going the same MPH, but you happened to be the one passing by when she flipped on her radar, asks you if you are on drugs because you look just, well, awful.  

Ah well, no matter!   I am achieving yet another first adventure.  I am writing a blog post from a McDonald's booth.   I have a wadded up red and white paper bag in which lies an empty French fry holder just to my right, alongside an icy swig of caffeine, and to my left is a lovely bouquet of white daisies.  I just reached out to see if they are real and sure enough!

I did bring along a book in case I feel like reading.  "The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch".   A VERY cool read, if I do say so.  But I'm pretty sure this will keep me busy.

I had half prepared a post about our annual winter ballet production.  But I sort of got carried away with the photos.   My long term blogging friends are well aware of this weakness I have for telling a story with images. So now I am trying to decide how to whittle down over a hundred photos to less than a dozen.   Eeny-meeny-miney-mo...

Instead, I will bludgeon you with a few photos of Michael, the man child.   You haven't seen a lot of him lately.  Actually, neither have I.   He's rather busy with adventures of is own.    Well, OK.   It's true I do see a lot of him, but it feels like I don't as I have to frequently share him with all his activities.   

He has taken to making some humorous videos.  Here is a self portrait while explaining 'hats' to the world.


Flipping out in gymnastics with some friends.


All dressed up and ready for both weddings and office cleaning.  What a versatile young man!


A mobile video.   This one on the subject of strange things that happen in parking lots while waiting for your mother.


At a Seder dinner we celebrated last month.


He asked for gift certificates to the local Home Improvement Center to begin his collection of quality tools.  He is very happy to have two nice chests (semi) full of tools with lifetime warranties.  Those are expensive so it didn't go as far as filling them, but he's got a great start.


Wish I could show you his belt ceremony from martial arts earlier this week, but I missed it.   I was sleeping in the car outside....

However, he is doing really well at it.   He is enjoying all sorts of violent things lately.   All that testosterone, you know.

This is not Michael.  It's one of his friends who kindly posed for some portraits for Michael's photography class while they were out and about.  But this is often how Michael looks; blended into the local surroundings, wearing lots of ammo -  and a huge grin.


OK.   I should be getting a text any minute now, giving me an estimated time of departure for going and picking him up.

Grateful for caffeine these days,