Saturday, May 2, 2009

April 15, 2009 ~ Building the Compost Bin


We had thought of several places to put the compost bins. This being one of them. The plan was to build something pretty large, and they don't tend to be the most beautiful part of your landscape, unless you have gobs of money to spend on frilly things like lath and decorative bushes.

While I made up my mind on where to build them, Michael made up his mind to do something about our wandering trampoline. Every time it gets windy we find it in a new spot. Dreading waking up one day to find it through the fence and on a neighbor's property, Michael chose to move it back and anchor it with some stakes and, yes, baling wire! He did a GREAT job!

Ginny. Always curious. This is a good thing, really. If and when we get the time to train her to ride, she will have a wide array of things she has investigated and found to not have monsters, hence, less shying.

I decided to place it against the old goat enclosure.

We put the horses into the goat pen so they'd not be a curious nuisance...

We bent the first course of tin sheets from our dismantling scraps on the hill. We found the best way was to hammer down the ridges at the point of the necessary bend, stand on it, so your shoe edges provide a turning line from edge to edge, then bend carefully. Next, we began to drive in the posts.

Then we drilled holes through the tin and tightly wrapped them against the posts with baling wire.

Looking forward to a rottin' time,



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