Friday, November 19, 2010

Stunny November


After reading about blogging friends being snowed in and bitter cold following, I'm again keenly aware of what a gift this mild weather is.

We've been using it as intelligently as possible by continuing the work on the greenhouse. Despite diminished brain function that I choose to blame on fatigue and age, I am managing to communicate my thoughts just up to the level of basic understanding; most moments.

As we speak, Michael is finishing his lunch and then we'll both head out to resume work. We've almost got one end completed. Now that we've figured it all out, the slowness that plagued the last few times out there has dissipated. But not in time. I don't think we'll be able to finish the other end before Monday.

Monday being Thanksgiving week, I'm doubtful as to how far we'll be able to get, finishing it up. But we'll be out there trying, anyhow.

It looks fabulous. It looks like a greenhouse frame - and that is definitely fabulous.

OK. Heading back out.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chewy Caramel!


I just made a batch. I'd made this recipe last year. I considered it a failed recipe, as it did not set well, but it was soooooo unbeleeeeeeeeeevably delicious that I couldn't wait to make it again. Our annual candied apple party should be happening again soon, so I probably need to made a firmer batch. Until then, this will do nicely.

It's been raining ever since yesterday when we were drenched putting up the two rows of chest high 2x4 purlins on the greenhouse yesterday. We came in absolutely soaked to the skin and rivulets running, but I kept smiling as I looked out the window at the finished frame. I love progress.

Today I've satisfied myself with a more domestic agenda. Namely attacking all these stacks of paperwork on the desk and floor. Mostly this is a variety of things I begin to do and don't finish. My mind works a mile a minute with gobs of ideas. These are the ones that hit me anywhere from 2 am to 6 am, when I can't sleep. I can't resist beginning to flesh them out, then I lay them aside to get busy on what cannot wait to be done around here. Also mixed in are research piles of information on various farm projects, like what blueberries to plant. I've got a stack of blueberry, ribe, and bramble information. Lots of schoolwork folders and papers, records and such.

And the receipts. The ones I never take the time to file away, but just pull out of my purse and drop in one place. Months on end until I can't stand the stack any longer and I'm stuck in the house that day.

So I own my desktop again. I am - Master of the Veneered Particle Board Expanse once again. There is a perfect spot for a cup of tea, just to the left of this screen.

Michael has been doing schoolwork, cleaning his room, and messing with all his airsoft and paintball gear, so he's happy as a clam, with a gun. Hmmmmm....

Working on those idioms...



Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Greenhouse Grip of Gr


Just can't find a way to complete that title. So like so many things, it remains unfinished, yet hopeful for the future.

Saturday, Michael had great fun at the paintball games. He came home unhurt but for a direct hit on a knuckle which remains awfully stiff, and remarkably devoid of paint on his camouflage outerwear. With 8 kills notched on his stock, he was sadly killed 9 times. Die Another Day, James Bond.

However, he did bring home some germs and we both have been dealing with headaches, eye aches, body aches and sore throats ever since.

While he was gone I managed to get the center purlin pipe up by myself. All the old bolts that came with the unit many years ago were cheap ones and had rusted in completely locked positions. Most of them had to be cut off.

We don't have a bolt cutter, or a vice to hold clamps while we hacksaw them off. So I borrowed a hand-held band saw from my dad and reluctantly and extremely c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y held the purlin pipe clamps with their rusted bolts up to the inverted band saw. I still am a little more wary around a saw blade than I was before I ran my fingers through a skill saw a couple of years ago. But all went well, and after several hours, I got all the bolts off.

The replacements were galvanized for long wear out of doors. I had purchased all our bolts when we dismantled the greenhouse originally. It's a good thing, because those alone were about 75 dollars. Ignore the sound of a body thudding backwards in a faint.

So picture me, balancing on a rickety step ladder on a rough field, trying to hold up 45 foot of pipe and fasten it over my head.

Pretty funny, eh?

The day was beautiful and I enjoyed getting this project even further along. It's been a long wait.

So after a Sunday of office cleaning, we came home and just crashed on the couch, hoping for a movie. I don't recommend the comic book action movie "Constantine". Hallmark seems to be running endless repeats of holiday movies. Why do so many holiday movies involve the death of mom and loss of a house? I am in serious need of chocolate after watching these things.

Today we are back at schoolwork and putting two more rows of purlins along the sides. I was going to buy treated 2x2s for this, but they were 3 dollars each. 2x4s were only 2 dollars. Don't tell me it costs 2 dollars to run a board through a saw blade. We'll have great places to hang tools inside the greenhouse with these.

Wish so much I had photos to share with you for future project ideas, but I'll try to document when it's all done. A dear blogging friend has sent me money towards fixing my camera. What a blessing. As soon as I've got a little more, I'm going to send it off and have my DSLR back and running again. WOOT!

Off to the purly greens...