Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank YOU!


Yes, we are doing very well here. I'm sorry for leaving many of you concerned. We've just been so busy.

With Michael choosing to attempt to graduate high school in half the time, that means he and I are doing twice the schooling that you normally do. His concern about our situation, due to his dad's choices, are spurring him on and he's working very hard. But that does take a lot of time.

What is left are our welcome social activities and trying to get stuff done on the farm. Honestly, not a lot of time is left for that - and that is why I'm not doing a lot of posting. The focus on activities on the farm is what this blog is mostly about and those are just sort of hovering at less than interesting.

I have given up on doing the Algebra with Michael, finally this week. It was several hours a day and when we discussed it we decided the benefits of me working alongside him did not outweigh the loss of time for getting things done around here. Instead I will do what I have always done, just be available to help when he needs more instruction.

So this week I am working in the garden a bit more. Harvesting peppers and making lots of ristras, which I DID take photos of and will post instructions soon. The weather has turned very nice and clear for the week so a furniture painting project I've been needing to work on is on my list for the week.

Our dear friend, Todd, went to be with the Lord this weekend. I hope to post about that. We had a celebration, according to his list of what he wanted, and it was a spectacular sendoff as we know exactly where he is and we all hope to join him soon, someday not too far off.

Michael is going to be in two productions this winter, so things are ramping up for him there. Auditions all week long, and several of his friends are getting parts in each. A ballet company is producing Cinderella, and he's going to be an extra. Good thing the boy can waltz very well! He is going to work backstage at the local college production of The King and I. These should be a lot of fun, and good time with friends as well.

He's doing really well with his gymnastics, and still he manages to be a great blessing and help to me. He's growing like a weed, though, and sleeping more to try to keep up.

Me, I had some very interesting treats sent to me from my son in Japan. Red bean curd filling and strange rubbery sweetness all around. The jury is still out on that one, but I love anything new, so it was much fun to try them out. I'm mowing and raking up a lot of grass that just does not seem to want to disappear like good little blades should when mown. I've got my concealed carry permit class coming very soon here and we are going to have some fun with that, as a whole group of us is taking it together.

Anyway, those are a few of the things going on right now. Just to let you know we are healthy, happy, blessed (as well as busy and tired) and anxious to have the chance to blog again soon.

Heading out for picking more peppers and mowing...