Saturday, May 2, 2009

April 5. 2009 ~ An Early Harvest


Some of our farm's bounty.


From three hens we are getting about 3 eggs a day, and the asparagus was in danger of being killed by a late frost. We went ahead and harvested the spears to eat.

I was also worried about our bush cherry blossoms. The bush cherries were planted in a low spot with sink holes, mostly for the purpose of holding the soil, but also hoping to get a bit of fruit. Not the best tasting cherries, but not bad. We don't often get fruit from them, but we were blessed to do so last year. Fortunately, the frost did not develop as anticipated, so it looks like we'll have cherries again.

Raw asparagus is delicious. I will often eat it that way, just munching on it as I pass by the bed.

When I want to cook it with more than just a light seasoning of salt and pepper and butter, this is one of my favorite recipes:

Holiday Fruited Asparagus

Melt butter with apricot preserves,
stir in crumbled bacon and maybe even some dried cranberries.
Pour over the top and bake at 350 until tender.




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