Saturday, May 2, 2009

April 16, 2009 ~ Finishing the Compost Bin


The second course was more difficult than the first. We had to hold the bent pieces of tin up in the air while we drilled and tied them securely. One more pair of hands would have cut our time in half. But we did it, through sheer determination and hard-headedness.

We finally realized the drill bit was too dull. We were basically ramming the spinning bit through by force and then when we were drilling two pieces at a time, the first piece's "donut hole' as it were prevented us from even getting to the second piece.

We gave up and mostly began hammering a spike through instead. That was much quicker.


It's very sturdy and I'm really pleased. The compost materials will go in the largest bin, on the right end, then be pitched successively to the left, until we have finished compost.

I took a little time to photograph some little flowers we don't notice very often in our busyness.


All things bright and beautiful,
The Lord God made them all.



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