Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tennis anyone? April 29, 2010


We like to try to celebrate the Lord's festivals. We totally missed Pesach last month. But I was delighted to discover that there is a provision in the instructions for celebrating the next month if you somehow missed it.

Isn't that something??? LOL

So, we caught this one! That meant that the 30th was another Shabbat day of rest. We took some time to play some tennis with friends.

Michael and I used to play tennis every day before his dad left us. Michael was also on a tennis team. We really miss playing, so it was a real treat to get out to the courts for only the second time in about 2 and a half years!

The day was stunning. 75 degrees, blue sky and puffy clouds, a lovely cool breeze.

We stopped for some gas on the way - can't forget to bring home a treat for the lawn mower and rototiller.

Then we headed to the courts to meet our friends. Practically deserted, just the way we love it!

We had wanted to see Avatar when it came out on DVD, even getting the 3-D glasses, but when we stopped by to rent it we found that it was not 3-D on DVD. The story was Ok, just a rehash of the Disney version of Pocahontas. And the movie, which we expected to be stunning, was just like a cartoon to me. I heard that the visual grandeur was only appreciable if you saw it in 3-D.

What was amazing was that it was nearly 3 hours long. We only watched part of it before we headed off to meet friends for a group singing class at the local college. It was fun, but infused with Yoga and New Age malarky. So we all took off afterward to hang out and play games.

Great fun!



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