Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grounding the Fence April 7, 2010


Here's how we put together the grounding system for the electric fence.

The furthest rod away from the unit was easy. You just strip the insulation away from the wire, and clamp it tightly into the clamp you then clamp tightly to the rod.

Whoops! Can't tighten the screw that way. We have to turn the clamp the other way in the ditch to get at it.

Now that we are ready to move on to the next rod up the hill, we discover a problem we foolishly did not even anticipate. I felt a little dumb about that, but it adds to my unique character, don't you think?

Ideally, you should be able to just slide a clamp on, strip a spot on the cable, and move on with it.

The cable was too big to slide through the clamp.

Coming up with another idea, we have to test it out first to see if it will work. Michael begins stripping a spare piece. Not easy. This insulation is tough! It took quite a bit of time, being careful not to take off any wire.

We bend it to fit into the clamp from the side and back out again, rather than going straight through...

Yup, this will work.

So that's what we do for the next two rods, up to the future location of the power unit.

Time to bury that cable.

And go in for some home made chips and home made salsa.

And a plate of whole wheat pasta with last year's canned spaghetti sauce.

Then the neighbor came by to drag the soil so it would be more manageable for running the rototiller over.

Evenings in the country are gorgeous!




  1. great adaptation to the clamp/wire issue!

    now, you have to tell me where you got your plates, those are lovely dishes. i keep telling myself that i'll get my potter's wheel back together and throw myself a custom set of dishes, but i don't see it happening anytime soon.

  2. I do like those dishes as well. I wish I could afford a whole set. I got them at Wal Mart, and since the pieces are 4 dollars each, I contented myself with four of them in different shapes and colors, but all along the same feel.

    I enjoy getting them out and, when it's just Michael and I, we have plenty. :o)


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