Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cuttings and Fig Pruning April 26, 2010


It's amazing, but the flea beetles have found my eggplants even up on the deck. They must be everywhere.

Time to prune the figs. It was too cold this winter for much growth to last, so looks again like I'll miss a fig harvest. But they'll still smell great and look great.

There are three types of wood, when we look at these. Wood that is obviously dead, wood that is obviously alive, and the majority of the wood which I have no idea whether it's alive or dead.

Our mission: To cut out the obviously dead wood now, then hope to figure out the rest once it has leafed out a bit more.

Here's one done.

They all look a lot better. There are 3 Brown Turkey, and 3 Celeste. Hardy, but not a long enough season unless you can get a spring crop. The fall crop doesn't ripen soon enough.

I decide to take a few gooseberry cuttings. I read that the best thing is winter hardwood cuttings, but I'm going to see what kind of luck I can get with fresh spring growth.

This Wal Mart cupcake holder is PERFECT! Holds the soil, you can see through it, and it keeps all the humidity in, which cuttings really thrive in.

Oh, here you can see the botch job we did on one of the cranberry bushes.... aye-yi-yi....

This is the fourth one we decided to let alone, as it didn't look as bad as the others and... well, we were tired of working on them. Maybe this fall we'll whack on it.

I am committing the error no one should ever commit. I am loving that my peach trees actually have peaches and not pinching them off. I'll probably do it later but not yet...

Michael is hauling all the brush we cut off back to the place where he is building a hunting blind.

Do you think I could sell this grease photo to Hugh Hefner?

I am almost caught up posting!



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