Saturday, May 1, 2010

Out to Pasture, Herb Gardens April 23, 2010


This is a sight for sore eyes. The horses are out to pasture again!

Here's a post weeding herb bed update.

Our lowest bed contains only Jerusalem Artichokes and some leftover pansies from last year.

The next row up begins with marigolds which self-seeded from last year. I don't know what they'll end up being, but I'm willing to take advantage of the break and just let them do whatever they want to do.

Next to the marigolds is a temporary spot for lettuce, til the weather warms up.
This is Red Sails, and the weather has been so warm that they are a little on the bitter side.

Just to the left of the lettuce is Arugula, flat leaf parsley, then curly leaf parsley.

Some Lovage. I'm only going to keep the larger grouping on the right, the rest I want to dig up and give away.

Then a long space of empty bed til you get to one single rosemary plant at the end.

On the third bed up the hill is a sage.

Three lavender plants.

In this photo is Walker's Low Catmint, Feverfew, Sorrel, and something else I can't remember right now.

Next, still going from left to right in this bed, Provence lavender, French tarragon, and sweet Marjoram.

Two rhubarb plants.

A sage and a pineapple sage.

Three green globe artichokes.

Self-seeded cilantro.

Lemon Balm or lemon mint, not sure.

Self-seeded German Chamomile.

On the fourth bed up, starting at the right, is lemon thyme.

Summer Savory?

Greek Oregano

More lemon mint or balm.

German Thyme?


Self-seeding fennel. A little slow starting. Hope it fills in nicely.

More chives. Everyone should have lots of beds of chives. You will feel like a master gardener.

Self-seeding basil. Slow starting as well. Trying to keep the baby weeks down while the little sprouts get a good start.

Plants left on deck to put in the ground: 6 eggplant, hoping to win over the flea beetles this year. Two pots of basil. There is a little pot of cucumber in there, and two dead stevia plants. They began dying within a day of bringing them home.

Sure feels good to have THAT done!



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