Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tea Parties, Tax Days April 15, 2010


This duty-filled day began with more gardening. It keeps us grounded.

We decided to do onions in the first raised bed. I had four groups of them I'd purchased some time back, but things had never worked out to plant them. Now, on the verge of it being too late, we are giving it a shot.

Tilling it up. Oh, somewhere in here we had another workday with a friend who helped us put up the tomato cage. That's sturdy!

Planted and watered.

Dogwood season!

One Bradford Pear in!

Still haven't found this guy a home yet.

Asparagus beetles have invaded our patch.

They have 3 or 4 generations that hatch, come up on the spears, mate, lay eggs, die, and do it all over again. All this while you are trying to eat yummy spears.

Can you see the little black eggs on the sides of these spears?

Here's what the beetles do to the tops.

I picked all the spears for cleaning the eggs from and eating.

It's dandelion season!

Watering in the third Bradford Pear.

This is a Manchurian Apricot. It was a freebie from a lower quality nursery supply many years ago. It needs a pollinizer so I've never had any fruits from it. But I hope to get apricot trees this fall to add to the orchard.

We planted Swiss Chard at the end of the onion bed. I only went with six this year because last year we had PLENTY of Swiss chard.

It's the Bright Lights variety, so it will have beautiful stem color.

The praying mantis egg sacs have hatched.

Can you see the babies? They are about 3/8 of an inch long.

Those bare root blueberries in cardboard I picked up from Lowe's for 6 bucks are turning into a disappointment. They are about to be dug up and returned.

So we invested in an 11 dollar plant to see how it will do in the same area.

I got my taxes done and in the mail. Then we were on our way to the local Tea Party gathering.

Many friends, AKA terrorist/extremists, if you ask 'some' people.

Look at this vicious girl! I wonder if she feels uncomfortable by all us white extremists? LOL

And our young friend who opened us in ..... ready for this....?



All kidding aside, our friends also led us in songs of God and country.

In our conservative town of about 15,000 people, between 400 and 500 came to the rally. We had several speakers and, though people are angry about what is going on, there were no threats of violence or any of the ridiculous things that are bandied about in the media. Some reporters really need to take off whatever it is that is blinding them to reality.

I am at a loss sometimes as to what to pray for the country any more. The best I can do is say, "Your will be done."

We left with friends to spend the day together and have some fun.

Still working, still hoping, still praying, still loving, as madness ensues...




  1. I wish more than anything that i could have made our local tea party a couple of weeks ago.

  2. SM,

    I hope you can make the next one. If as many people who agreed with the ideas went.... we'd be a lot more difficult to ignore.



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