Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shabbat Blessings. April 17, 2010


This was a day of rest, and one we looked forward to greatly!

It began with turkey sightings. Michael has been readying to go on another turkey hunt, so every day when we hear turkeys he's all ears. Here's one that wandered across our field.

You may not be able to see it, but there is a dark bird right near the compost bins.

Then we had a great surprise! A friend from church brought over one of his duece and a half trucks filled with gravel for our French drain! YAY!

Michael showed him where to drop it.

And two more guys showed up to offload it.

Where will the rest go? Over there. We have to dig another French drain above the pool bank.

I have them pile it in the driveway for now.

Real men shovel gravel! WOOT!

Looks so great!

The Sugar Snap peas are coming up. We laid newspaper underneath the trellis wire to cut down on future weeds.

It's been really hot, this spring. So the peas are struggling a bit.

We've got a second raised bed built and planted now. The first has onions and Swiss chard, the second has peppers and leeks.

Michael left with his friends to go to a gun and knife show, and I set about to relax.

Ignore the dirt flecks in my camera lens. I really need to get it cleaned.


Vineyard leaving and fruiting out.

Future clusters all over the place.

I notice the herb beds need serious attention next, but I hold myself to photography for the rest of this day.

I can't help but take another picture of my happy little French drain. Now I can begin to build the greenhouse. For next winter, but I am closer!

Friends come over and bring Michael back from town with them. When they arrived I was asleep, on a red gingham quilt in our orchard, under the blue sky, a cool breeze and warm sun. Can life get ANY better than this?

It took five hilarious minutes to get these two in the air at the same time.

While they left on a bike ride, Elaine and I wandered around the gardens.

Life is good.




  1. This is so wonderful. I can not believe how much you have had going on!!! I am glad you found a home for the puppy. He was cute. The orchard is amazing!!!! I am so excited for you. I wanted to know if you have gotten kiwi from yours? I want to plant them this year but I see I will probably need a strong fence to put them on or an arbor?

    I pulled my garden in to the house. I am not self disciplined enough to go out and work in it after the long workdays spring brings. This way there are no excuses and it uses land I just was mowing and wasteing. I want that truck that brought your gravel!!! And I want your greenhouse! How completly cool. I can't wait to see what you grow there....this winter? Ok I have to get back to spring cleaning. thank you for the wonderful updates!

  2. SM,

    I can't believe it either! LOL

    Nope, never got a kiwi yet. These are hardy kiwi, so different than the tropical ones in the store, but when I tasted one, I loved it.

    They need male and female. I only have 2 left out of the original 6 that I planted, so I wonder if I don't have the right combo out there. If not, I wonder how I find out what they are...? gulp...

    I noticed your garden was smaller and closer. I have been thinking that since trying to get these beds built. If we can, I will purchase some straw to cover the beds with over the winter, I don't want to do this next year. Just keep the beds we have.

    I really need my truck repaired. If it had been, I could have had my greenhouse going last winter, and had my own plants, rather than purchasing them. But hopefully by this winter, as well as having cold frames built. I never want to buy another bag of salad greens in my life. You can go broke buying produce.

    And fruit! It may take a while, but with the skyrocketing price of fruits, trees will be very nice to have in the future.

    Your house looks amazing!



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