Saturday, May 1, 2010

Resurrection Day, Michael's Birthday, Bouquets. April 4, 2010


Michael is 14 today. His most cherished gift was discovering he had grown taller than one of his friends.

After church, I was captivated by the beautiful bouquets the Lord drops all around us every spring, and this Resurrection Day was no different!

Bradford Pears...

OK, I'm not actually sure what these are...

Lovely Vinca...

Showy Pansies...

Playful Phlox...

Wait... I know what this is.... It's on the tip of my tongue... Shoot, I can't remember!

We did our office cleanings for the day, went to church, had a celebration with Michael's Grandma and Grandpa, and headed out to some friends for the evening.

I borrowed some sandals to run out to the van. I believe these are size 14.

Michael checking out the site where we were all discussing the location for a woodshop down by their garden.

A beautiful day!




  1. baby's breath? gypso-something...?

    beautiful flower shots, love the phlox.

  2. Icebear,

    Nope, it's a bush. I used to have one, too. I ought to know what to call it! Brain dead on this one though, it looks like.



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