Saturday, May 1, 2010

Difficutl Surprises April 11, 2010


This month we learned how difficult it is to surprise someone with a party when they are insisting on planning their own.

Sweet Angie kept trying to plan a little get together for her birthday and the rest of us kept putting her off - because we were planning a beautiful party for her. She WAS surprised however, so it all turned out well.

The day held Redbud blooms. I wait for them all year.

The tables were set, lies were told. Her sister even had to fake some serious retching in the bathroom that morning to avoid going to church and, instead, stay home and prepare the party.

And we all waited as Angie was led on one detour after another and we all parked down by the horse pasture.

She's here!

She is totally surprised!

Lots of games, lots of fun, lots of food, lots of love.

We love you, Angie



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