Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puppy, Vineyard, Blackberries April 14, 2010


Scared to death to let anyone touch him, and covered with ticks, we managed to gather this little one to photograph in the hopes of finding a home for him. I hate to think of where all his brothers and sisters are that likely were scattered all over the county by the people who loaded them up in their car and drove off for the morning, leaving them crying by the sides of roads.

Colored like a doberman, but with obvious hound in him. He was sweet and cute as the dickens.

I nabbed three Bradford Pear trees on sale at Lowe's for only 7 dollars each! They will go up around the driveway.

The strawberries are coming to life.

We tied up the blackberries so we could mow without running over the canes, but they still need pruning, weeding and fertilizing.

The vineyard is pruned and tied and mowed. We need to watch carefully for black rot now.

Some of them have some good framework now.

Wearing my pruning and tying apron.

One blackberry done.

Looks much better now.

Carting all the prunings off to be burned.

The raised lettuce bed we built in the shade last year is doing well.

Beginning the long and arduous task of double digging and building raised beds this year.

Getting pretty green around here!



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