Saturday, May 1, 2010

Civil War Era Farm Demonstration April 10, 2010


We were doubled slammed on this day with not only a historical farm event, but our Annual Spring Ball as well. It was a terrific day, but I hope we don't double up again next year!

We arrived as one of our friends was giving a lecture on hairstyles of the era. She did an amazing job, thoroughly researched.

Barn rafter still life.

Our group gave three dancing demonstrations throughout the day.

There are always last minute repairs to be done, as we continue to perfect our wardrobes.

I do not have a day dress, only a ball gown. That, in tandem with having so much to do on this day, meant I did grunt work and photography, rather than part playing.

I liked the soaps and toiletries displays at this booth.

Preparing for the fashion show.

Waiting out in front of the home that was actually built around 1850.

Do you suppose these bricks could be that old...?

Even 'unmentionables' were on display.

Emily is quite the talented seamstress, as she tells how she constructed her gown.

If you try, you can almost believe this is 150 years ago.

Group portrait. Yes, there are men back there, but you'll likely not see them for the gorgeous dresses.

I ran in for some quick portraits of the house. I can't wait for her to give us a real tour.

This is, apparently, the original wallpaper!

The room everyone changed in for the fashion show. I was outside, but I can certainly imagine 25 women and girls attempting to do this.

There were so many shots I was drooling to take, but with everyone so busy I held myself back from begging for them.

We were not signed up to help with the Ladies Tea, so while that was being prepared,

A few of us went down to the stream for some photo ops.

Here's the house, from below.

Breaking this long post up, the Annual Spring Ball is next.



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