Saturday, May 1, 2010

And All I Got to Show For It Was This.... April 22, 2010


I hated to do it, my dad has been sick, but I called him and asked for help on that fence. I do not know enough about electricity to figure out what on earth was wrong.

I knew the power unit was fine, the testing showed that. I called the manufacturer twice to ask about what might be wrong. They had no idea what was wrong. I hoped my dad could figure it out for me.

I have no pictures to show you, other than the drinks we made at the beginning of the day.

However, the great news is that we got the fence figured out. Dad was not sure, but he had a suspicion. So we tried it and it worked.

Here's the deal. I'm petrified of these fences not working. I've had so much trouble with them in the past.

When I began it I made up my mind to have the least possible number of potential errors as possible. I eliminated gates, I bought LOOOOOOOOOOOONG spools of wire to eliminate as many splices as possible, and --- here was the fatality --- I left lots of extra wire at each gate so that if I made any sort of error I would have enough wire to rectify it without having to splice 42 times.

To store the extra wire, I brought each one back and wrapped it around and around itself to keep it off the ground.

What I don't understand about electricity is that everytime you wrap the wire that way, it pulls juice. I don't even pretend to get this.

But once we trimmed off the extra wire, it worked perfectly.




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