Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Shabbat Day.


We did our semi-usual sabbath today. We had a brief interlude where we went out several times to squish flea beetles from the potatoes and eggplants and check to see if any squash bugs had laid eggs yet.

I was also going to 'quickly' put together another vest that was all cut out and ready to go. I even took pictures to post, I'm so incredulous that I'm actually LEARNING TO SEW and whatever I learn, I post. LOL (See the post prior to this one, as I began posting before the project was complete.)

After working on it a while I laid it down and Michael and I went outdoors to play on the trampoline in the absolutely GORGEOUS evening light.

And now, the day of rest is over. I must clean the house and begin cooking. I've invited my parents over for Mother's Day breakfast at 9 am and I'm pulling out all the stops!

Can't wait to eat!



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  1. Faith, Thanks for visiting today! I like you positive attitude towards like (as explained in your title)! Here is a link that will help clear up the no-follow, do-follow thing! I replied to your comment as well, on my blog, to help clear up the mystery! Happy gardening :)


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