Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 24, 2009 ~ Greenhouse Work


Isn't this wonderful! We are so excited about having a large garden area tilled! It always gets filled up, but right now it looks big. LOL

Here is the compost bin my dad found and fixed for us. That will be filled soon also, if all goes well.

This is a great thing for your plants or your compost pile. We collected up a bucket of horse biscuits and filled it will water to soak overnight. You can pour this 'tea' over your plant's roots for a feeding, or pour this over your compost pile to get it going really well. This bucket is for our compost pile.

The compost bin is working as it should. This pile is already 1/2 the size it was just a few days ago.

That area about in the center of the the photo and under the base of the whole tree line is covered in wild blackberry brambles that will take over completely if left alone. Our mission: to hack most of them out, except leaving the ones growing over rock ridges so we don't damage the mower. We'll get just as many berries, since you can't get into the middle ones anyhow.


Heading up to plant our first sweet corn up there. Looking forward to digging my toes into that soft earth. :)

Rocks mark where we planted 1' in diameter circles of corn about every 2 feet. This is the beginning of our first Three Sisters succession planting.

The day before, a friend came over for a few hours and helped up dismantle the greenhouse. It was hard to do. Mostly because the bolts had complete rusted through. The reason was cheap bolts. They are half the price, but will rust completely and break. We had a lot of them that broke and came out twisted. The rest we had to saw off with a hacksaw.

What a relief to get them all off. We picked it all up, stacked it neatly out of the way, and made a list of new bolts, nuts and washers we'd need to put it back together. We still have to take the hoops out, but there is no sense in doing that until we are ready to assemble again. They just lift out, but we have to pull or dig out those hoop holding pipes then.


Man. It's a dog's life.



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