Sunday, May 3, 2009

Expanding the Garden Fence


We left early for our window washing job to get it done before church, but the windows ended up being so dirty, and it was raining as well, that it doubled our time doing the job. We missed church, sadly.

Michael and I went and picked up one more hose. I hope the 150 feet will be enough to reach the compost pile. However, I went down later today while Michael did evening chores and found the rain had added an inch of water, with more expected. I mixed in more grass cuttings, dead leaves, and manure.

The rain was a little in the way, but you learn to not complain about it, because it is such a gift! We did not get a lot done today, but did get to work on the fencing. This is how we want it to be on all four sides. One important thing is, if you make it hard to maintain, you will probably never do what needs to be done. So making sure the garden edge is easily kept under control will go a long way to keeping the garden itself neat, clean and weed free.


But this is how the upper side looked. No room to get through with the mower. We have mulch to move and some piles of rocks that we've been picking up from the garden soil (as well as having those piles all over the property). And as soon as we make more room, we'll pick it all up and be able to mow neatly.


I pounded the t-posts in deeper than I wanted, so pulling them out by hand was not possible. Even digging them out was not enough.


So here's a trick I learned from my dad:

A chain, wrapped tightly around a post and a sturdy lever - like a wooden post, pivoting on a tall fulcrum - like a cinder block or two, will gradually give you the force to pull a stubborn t-post.


Sometimes you do it well and it comes right out. But sometimes your chain will slip and you have to do it over, or it will take a few re-wraps to get a deep one out. Be patient.


We drove the posts back in a little further up the hill and rewired the electric fencing around it.


Now we are ready to neaten up the edges.


Another fence to be moved tomorrow.



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