Monday, May 4, 2009

Plans Often Change on the Farm...


And today is going to be a perfect example.

What I have not mentioned is that I believe we have some hawks who have been taking some of our chicks. Two have gone missing this week, no sign of them anywhere.

Raptors are incredibly beautiful birds. God certainly knew what He was doing during creation. And it is illegal to kill them. That's a problem when they decide to set up housekeeping within diving range of a flock of chickens.

So for the last few days we've kept all the chickens locked inside the chicken coop, until my brain could come up with some sort of solution. Not easy. We have a large yard so the hens have plenty of room to run around and forage. It is also near quite a few trees.

As we worked outside, we could hear the beautiful cries from the hawks. I hoped we'd continue to be lucky and not have to deal with it, because once they decide to eat at your place, you'll lose 1 or 2 day until the flock is gone.

Guineas can help. I used to have them, but they can also be problematic as well. Very noisy, and don't stay home all the time. It can be hard to get just one or two, as ordering has to be done in bulk so the keets survive without a heat lamp by group cuddling.

But just now, searching the internet, I have found something I am going to try today.

Fishing Line Deterrent



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