Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick! It stopped raining!


We got in just a little bit of work before a big and beautiful thunderstorm rolled through at about 8:30 in the morning.

We planted more chives as well as a bed of German thyme.
We put a few more rocks down around the bottom of the chicken yard fence.
And right before heading to town I sprayed the eggplants again with soapy spray.

As it rained and thundered mightily, I sewed together the first vest I'm actually proud of. Michael likes it the best as well, so I imagine that is the one he'll wear to the next ball.

As anyone who has been left knows, life can be a little bit of a struggle financially. The medical bills from my skin graft surgery to save my finger last year have not been getting paid. My DH is avoiding being served, and until I can get a court order into his hands, I'm sort of at his mercy, or lack thereof. However, despite having three credit agencies contact me with notices saying I had to pay all my bills in full right now since I am unable to make the payments (find the logic there) I bit the bullet and called them all today to explain my situation.

They were kind and willing to work with me, so I am on a very small payment schedule for as long as need be.

In the mean time, Michael and I worked for almost 4 hours on a cleaning job for extra money this week, then spent some really wonderful time with dear friends. Boy, are we wiped out from working. But you have to do what you have to do. I'm grateful for the opportunities that come along. We always learn something and grow from them.

Tomorrow we are taking a much needed day off. Michael and I will have a sabbath rest. When we do this it always feels just like a vacation. Then we come back to our projects with renewed vigor.

The fishing line barrier still seems to be working. I hope we have seen the last of our predators. I heard tonight from a friend who moved here from Florida that its common to use fishing line there to protect pools and such from wild birds.

You learn something new every day!



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  1. Enjoy your day of rest! I know you guys really need it. (You've been working so hard!) I'll see you next week!


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