Monday, April 20, 2009

November 4, 2008 ~ 2 out of 3 Ain't Bad (Isn't - ain't - isn't)

I love the Autumn colors. Wish we could have them for a little longer. Here is the field across the way from us...

...and the road in front of the house.

Enjoying both our porches now, the front porch done earlier during the summer, and already dreaming of connecting them together. Most of the wood was used, so I was able to build the two of them for only about 450 dollars, I think. If anyone ever has a building for you to tear down, take advantage of the free materials. You not only can use them, but you have a great time while you work off calories. A win-win situation!

Only one more doorway to go. It has a rickety pile of cinder blocks about 4 feet high we climb to get in and out. My hopes of getting it in before winter were not met. First the finger, but then my roving husband also began cutting back our income even more. I haven't had much extra money. Our church family has been amazing though, in taking care of us when we came up short. I still hope to get a side porch on the house this summer. Not sure how, but you never know what will happen. :)

And here was the salad that Michael and I shared for lunch.

Make sure you eat your dark leafy greens!

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