Monday, April 20, 2009

November 23, 2008 ~ A Day at the Range

A friend's home shooting range, that is. I've grown up around guns and have a few of my own, but don't shoot all that often. It was fun to get together with a large group of friends from church for a pot luck and target shooting.

I'd never tried shooting clay pigeons, or skeet shooting, before. I did well, and Michael did even better than I did, without having much practice with guns at all! As a matter of fact, all the young boys of my friends were revealed to be remarkable marksmen.

I divided my time between chatting inside where most of the ladies were and heading back out to the barn for practice.

A woman needs to know how to defend herself. If you don't already, consider taking a gun course and arm yourself.

Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights to protect yourself from those who would harm you.

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