Monday, April 20, 2009

November 22, 2008 ~ Learning to Knit

A group of ladies from church decided to learn to knit. I was one of them. So we trooped over to someone's home for brunch and a knitting lesson. With my hand, I did not do so well, though I had great fun visiting and getting to know some of them better.

I went home and made good use of YouTube the next day. By being able to see many videos over and over, I actually figured out how to knit, if a little clumsily.

I still only know one stitch, but I had fun with it, nonetheless, as I used up a beautiful cranberry chenille yarn.

Just FYI, even IF you want a nice thick and wide scarf, 40 stitches is still too wide. LOL

So I took it apart, more than once, and now have a longer narrower scarf.

Still knitting,

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