Saturday, April 25, 2009

January 16, 2009 ~ Icy Days

It got down to about 5 degrees for several nights in a row and did not rise above 20 on those days. For many of you, that may be normal, but not for me!

Our main concern was the pool pump and filter system. Because we had not taken the time yet to learn how to winterize the pump, we managed the freezing weather by running the pump. However, it was so cold that the top of the pool froze even while moving.

I got to thinking about it and worried that the spinning ice would tear our pool liner which was already filled with many patches and was likely not going to last another season unless we babied it carefully.

So we broke up all the ice and tossed it out. It took quite a long time and our hands were hurting a lot by the time we were done.

The sad part about it was that after all was said and done, the liner tore anyhow. We will either have to spend the money for a replacement, or lose a really important part of our summer cooling off, relaxation, and fun time together. We work very hard during the day and look forward to a half hour playing in the cool water and watching the clouds.

Waiting to see what comes,

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