Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Slight Detour



Remove sport equipment and put in in living room along with extra seats from your minivan and....

VOILA! Delivery truck!


With my first pay from painting, I was so excited to have some extra money that I could not resist going ahead and finishing a project Michael and I had begun way back in early spring. An extension to a patio cement pad I had put in a few years ago with a girlfriend who has since passed on from cancer. We traded work days at each others' places. We got stuff done, but got to chat and visit as well. I taught her how to lay a cement patio and she taught me a little more about her nursery business.

The patio has been a cluttered hodge-podge area


where I put my weight equipment and BBQ (on days when it wasn't in the dirt). But we really want a place to sit and enjoy outdoor weather while we BBQ. So we've been buying up a few stones every week or so in anticipation of having enough to do the job of creating a 10 x 10 addition.


As you can see, WE BOUGHT THE REST!!! Cool! I had to buy some pavers for the back porch project and I just bought all we needed for this project. I'm really happy!

We took up the few pavers we had down and the next job is to level it.



I honestly hate leveling things. It's annoying to think it's level, only to find you are way off. But there is nothing to do but begin, and stop whining.

Look at this cute little guy!



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