Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bottom and a Top.


Here's a little closer detail of the pavers and how they sit in the sand.


Our system was simple. We asked 3 people at the home improvement place how they would go about doing it. They all said something different, so I went with my original idea.

We brought home some "Quickcrete" which is a cement mix without the gravel. The gravel would not work to try to sweep into the grooves.


We poured it into a wheelbarrow. You can't breathe it or allow it on your skin too long, the lime is caustic, so if you do this, wear a mask, dump it quickly (upwind) and then let the air clear before you go back. You don't need to be scared, just aware.


We sprinkled a little at a time over the grooves and then swept it in.




We added a pile around the exterior so the pavers would not creep out, then watered it all in, letting the fine spray GENTLY work the mix down so it could set.

Now you can see where there were bubbles. These will need to be fixed with a little more cement and spray. The slower your concrete cures, the stronger it is and the less cracking you have, so keep your hose nearby and sprinkle it as often as needed to keep moisture visible on the surface, covering with a sheet of plastic if you like, to reduce evaporation. This is shady, so we don't have to do it more than a couple of times a day, uncovered.


More fun coming! We strung a rope across the top of the sukkah and went on a pine-bough foraging trip to the meadow next door.



And now time for more relaxing!


We read, and watched the scenery.


Life in the country is so peaceful.


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