Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Painting Project Site.


But first, is this a fabulous find, or what? This cafe table and chair set, made of teak, was at a local dollar store for 49 dollars. I splurged on this with the rest of the painting job money from that week.


Michael's cat, Mikka, is so unhappy to be inside. But she gets tape worms from fleas, so now she just looks outside at us thinking evil thoughts and planning her escape.

Dental chairs for sale! But they have not sold yet and we have to paint around them.




My friend and I will dismantle this kitchen after painting is done and she's going to put the cabinets in her barn.


We've been working about half the time here, in between school and projects at home. Its been a very busy time, but that's to be expected considering all the ground I've got to cover in my life situation right now. It's hard, but fun. I love to learn and grow. Michael is glad for the extra money he is earning as well. He says he likes earning money better than an allowance. which is good. I've not been able to pay his allowance in many months. LOL He's into Pirates and AirSoft, so he's a man with a plan.

Take care!

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