Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yard Sale and Clean Up Day - August 14, 2010


New digs, folks! Our little church gathering place is moving and this is it! And old car dealership. Pretty cool, eh?

But we had to get rid of all the stuff in it first, part of the deal of having free use of the place, so we had a big yard sale.

We were the first ones there, but many came after. As all at the event will tell you, I am no salesman. Many a laugh was had at my expense. When will I find my own particular talent? Still waiting on that one...

We had a lot of fun, hanging out til about 1 pm, both manning our tables,

and going in to do major cleanup. This was an abandoned car lot/repair shop, and it had 5 bathrooms to prove it. Kind of run down. Perfect! We had a great time, but we sure would have loved air conditioning. We took turns fanning through the bathroom doors while the others worked in them.

No photos of that, I guess, too busy hosing off with Lysol and wiping sweat from my drippy face.

Some peeps...

This guy's a real head case...

Heavy lifting.

Way more work to be done!




  1. Looks like it will be spacious once the cleanup is finished. I'm sure you all will be so happy when its done :o)

  2. I think we are maxing out at 100 chairs. This body REALLY wants to avoid becoming a big church, and wants to follow the small gathering model of the New Testament.

    So the plan is, when 100 chairs becomes too few (and that's pretty much right now) they want to send people off to start another one in a different part of the county.

    No one wants to do that really. LOL At one point, one of the leaders left and began a church meeting for college kids on campus, so I guess that was kind of a church plant.



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