Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aw, Heck, I'm On A Roll! July 24, 2010


Let's see how many posts I can do until I get tired of wrestling with this browser hanging up on me.

Michael, spending some time cleaning debris from the pool after our little tornado. We still have a yard full of logs we need to deal with. We sure have been enjoying this pool during this Long, Hot Summer.

Our Ladies group has been working on a quilt project, I believe I mentioned that before. There were about 10 of us at that time, and the goal was for each of us to make a secret square. We were supposed to have a big reveal when it was time to put them together. It did not work out that way.

I did finish mine, but to encourage the rest to get on with theirs I did a little prodding by bringing mine out. It worked and the next week there were several squares done. But now I can show my humble little quilt square.

I'm not a quilter, but I've seen them on TV. And this looks nothing like what they do. I took some pieces of fabric that make me feel happy when I look at them, and I made them into a scene that I love; a picnic.

I found apple blossom sprig clip art, traced it onto some fabric, then (being too impatient to wait for embroidery floss) proceeded to edge it with plain old white and two shades of green threads over the course of a couple of evenings.

Then I added a blanket and napkin to the scene. I guess you would call it a mix of piecing and applique.

The other ladies used my idea as a springboard for some really amazing work that puts this to shame. I'm looking forward to putting the whole thing together!




  1. i like it! Yay, you are posting again!
    I haven't had time... non-gardeny things and such.
    I'll have to take a good long day to make my own catch-up post, but today i'm going to read your entries.

  2. I think I spent about 8 hours total, catching up. "Why?" - I ask myself. Because I keep saying I'll eventually make this into what I originally wanted it to be, but never get the chance to. LOL



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