Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christian Music and Baseball! - August 22, 2010


Every year we have an annual night at our local baseball venue where some local Christian bands, including some of our friends, play as we worship, and then we all stay for the minor league game.

We usually lose, but this night our team won! YAY!

This year was a little different in that our dear friend, Todd, had left us the night before, and gone Home. You might remember me asking for prayer on several occasions for him and his family. I would say that he would have loved to have been here, but I know there is no chance he would want to leave our Savior's side, now that he is there. And we would in no way wish him back. I will share more about it in another post.

Here are some scenes from the evening.

Did I mention...?

WE WON!!!!



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