Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gardening Day - August 13, 2010


Finally, a day to do some catch up work outside.

Aren't these melons pretty! I wish I could remember what they are.

Picking more eggplant.

Here's a funny one.

Not my favorite kind - a lot of tough skin per inch of tender flesh, but it was all they had at the garden center when I needed to buy them; Japanese variety. They are producing really well, though, and withstanding the ferocious onslaught of flea beetles.

I just had to make sure they were about a foot tall before I planted them.

This was yet another really hot day, just like they've all been since April. I cleaned up around the back of the house, where the tree had fallen, so that looks a bit better.

We used some scrap left over from building this back porch to make more storage shelving underneath. I could not believe I didn't think of doing that for two years.

We wore our swim suits as we worked, so we could jump in whenever we couldn't stand things any more. This feels GREAT!

Time to go pick more peppers.



The lettuce still bolted, despite the shade cloth. This summer was just too hot.

YAY, more Swiss chard!

Tomatoes had a really bleak year with all the heat.

The Bright Lights chard never really recovered from the grasshopper invasion, though the plain chard did. I know what I will plant from now on.

I had a terrific start on my beloved Brussel sprouts, but not keeping up on spraying allowed the moths to decimate the entire crop. This smells really bad!

Here are some beds we never got around to planting. The mulch worked well, the paths are weedy, but that can be easily taken care of. Just so long as the plants are isolated from the weeds, I'm very happy.

Here is our pepper patch. Why do these things come in packs of six?

Next year, go in with friends.




  1. Up here, peppers must come in packs. I have gotten only one sweet pepper and only one jalapeno type so far (i have like 10 plants i think). I have another bell starting, and a few more jalapeno but no eggplant and none of the banana type.
    When i was a kid, i remember my parents planting many peppers. They like heat for longer than we get up here.
    I still plant them though, i was hoping my raised beds might make a difference but i don't think i'm noticing it.

    My swiss chard is going like mad, i might try canning it. I am going to try eating it, it can't possibly taste as muddy as it smells.
    Its the best thing in the garden this year, i better get myself eating it. lol

    I need to use some BT again on my own greens the cabbage butterflies dance around my garden like its their own personal ballroom.

  2. Yeah, I'd think the early start you got would have made a noticeable difference as well. Have you got them covered back up again, so they'll really heat up? Remember how hot it was under there early in the spring?

    Swiss chard is mostly a non-failure plant. Makes us feel good about our gardening skills. Yesterday I sent Michael down to pick some for his dinner. I said "fifteen of the biggest leaves" as it was getting out of control.

    Well, he had a lot of Swiss chard to eat. We decided a good serving is about 4 big leaves. lol

    I am really beginning to hate cabbage moths. But I hate the poison it takes to win over them. There has GOT to be a better way!



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