Saturday, September 4, 2010

Excavations! Dancing!! - August 16, 2010


The next morning started off nice and early, hoping to get in a little more work before it got too hot.

We followed this great BBQ cooker all the way into town. Mmmmmmm...

My folks were at a doctor appointment, so Michael and I got to work right away hauling out the patio

And stacking it out of the way.

Over behind our van is the stack of bricks and the light pole we took out yesterday.



When my folks got home we were about done, so work began on taking down a tree they had nurtured for years.

Dad's chainsaw died. First time he used it. Bought six months ago. No receipt.

There was almost a Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I headed off the situation by offering my services to convince the store to give me a new one. Against their will they did so. I can't tell you how I praised God for making that happen. :o)


Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... (those little electric ones sound funny)



I still love to count rings.

And the rest of the time was spent sawing, chopping, hauling, and stacking. Until it was time to run to our Civil War dance practice.

Then hit gymnastics and head home!

Beautiful! Again! Thank you!




  1. I always try to save receipts....good girl for going back there! I would have done the same thing...go back to the store and convince. Praise God!!!
    You know, for as hard as things are for you and your boy, you guys sure know how to have a great time!!!

  2. Yeah, I've got gobs of useless receipts here at home. I save them ALL. LOL I really need to be more discriminate.

    I bought my dad the unlimited return policy as that model is known for it's failure. I wish he'd take it out of the box and test it out. :oP

    Ugh, can you imagine life if you and we could NOT make sure we found ways to have a good time in between the rough stuff? Whew!



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