Saturday, September 4, 2010

There's No Business - August 23, 2010


Auditions continued all week. I'd never gone to any that I can remember, so we loved the experience and we are so excited for our friends. I wish we could have gone to see them, but we only caught a couple of hours at the most.

I think one day, if I ever have time, I'd like to try out for some parts. I have heard people tell me in the past I'd be good, but I've always been too chicken. I think I'm a bit past that now. It's about fun, not worrying about pleasing anyone.

The play director/producer is such a wonderful lady in that she makes everyone feel comfortable and have a good time. The only pressure comes from within yourself.

Here are the men auditioning for the part of the King.

The ladies head up for Anna beginning try-outs.

Some chose to sit further back and chat a little.

That's all for us. We had to run off to office gymnastics again.



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